Christ Church Charitable Giving 2016-2017

As mentioned in our mission statement, Christ Church donates a tenth of its annual income to charity, the majority of the recipients being local Austrian charities.  

In 2017 we will continue to support many of the charities included in our sharing budget in previous years. We have also included some new charities suggested by members of the congregation. We feel it is appropriate to spread our charitable giving over several worthy causes and thereby support a greater number of people.

In Austria

  • Die Gruft, Vienna – centres for the homeless run by Caritas.
  • VinziRast, Vienna – provides food and shelter for the homeless and help with reintegration.
  • ‘s Häferl – soup kitchen run by the Diakonie in Vienna
    A group of volunteers from Christ Church spend one Saturday every two months preparing and serving the midday meal for about 250 people.  Christ Church also covers the costs of this meal.                                         
  • Möwe Child Protection Centres in Vienna, St.Pölten, Neunkirchen, Mistelbach and Mödling.
  • Gesprengte Ketten – holds Alpha and bible courses in Hirtenberg and other Austrian prisons; runs prayer groups.
  • Austrian Bible Society, Vienna.
  • Co-ordinating Committee for Christian-Jewish Cooperation, Vienna.
  • Mobile Hospice run by CS Hospice Rennweg, Vienna.
  • Assistance to the Diakonie for the refugee programme in Austria.
  • March for Jesus, June 2016, held in the centre of Vienna.  A group from Christ Church attended the rally.
  • Rachel’s Vineyard – organises retreats for healing the pain of abortion. and
  • Zacharias Institute Vienna/RZIM Zacharias Trust -
    based in Vienna, Revd Christian Hofreiter, speaks on various topics to University groups, the business community and the Church in Austria, locations in Germany and German-speaking Switzerland; with the aim of advancing the Christian faith. See website for details:
  • Everyone’s Child in Romania - charity run by Paul Davies (UK) helping children with HIV/AIDS in their family environment.

Outside Austria

  • Cosmas - an Austrian charity, founded by doctors at the Wilhelminenspital, President: Dr Hans Kohlmann. Cosmas provides bilateral assistance in accident surgery (with emphasis on training) from the Wilhelminenspital to the Hospital Agostinho Neto in Praia, Capeverde. See website for details:
  • Syrian Orthodox School Mar Ephraim, Bethlehem
    This Syrian Orthodox Christian School is supported by the Diocese of Coventry (UK). The Diocese raised funds to build the school (opened in 2006) and continues to support it financially.  There are over 500 students enrolled at the school.
  • Diocese in Europe Ordination Fund – covers costs of training ordinands for the Church of England.
  • Diocese in Europe: Bishop’s Advent Appeal 2016Assistance with developing facilities for St John’s Casablanca.
  • Equipo Impacto, Cuba – project training clergy and laity in bible preaching and teaching; administered by Crosslinks, UK.

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