Social Events and Outings

We on the Social Committee feel that our role is to support and enhance all kinds of events at Christ Church as well as to initiate social occasions. Bring and Share evenings are held in private homes, as well as an annual Quiz Night and a House Concert every 2 or 3 years. After concerts and special church services we make sure that our Centre provides a warm and hospitable environment in which the congregation, friends and visitors can mingle and get to know each other over a glass of wine and plates of finger food. During the winter we usually run a Ceilidh evening of country dancing in the Centre and our annual Shrove Tuesday pancake party is always fun and enthusiastically supported! We are grateful to our congregation for their generosity in providing food and help on all these occasions. For the rest of 2017 our hope is that this trend continues to expand and prosper as we strive to bring not only our parishioners, but friends, strangers and the wider community in which we live, closer together, and to God, in a fun and relaxed way.


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