24 January - Legacy Planning
Lynn Finnegan 

Legacy planning is an opportunity to assist future generations and preserve your values after your death, through prayerful and thoughtful stewardship of your resources now.  We will discuss the biblical and Christian background for legacy planning, and an overview of  practical planning steps will be provided.

31 January and 7 February - Migration Past and Present
 Dr Dirk Hoerder

Men and Women, often with their children, have been moving since the beginning of time and they do so now. All (forced) migrants, departing from their local society of socialization, had to rearrange their lives, brought emotions and spirituality with them. They tried to recreate what was important to them but shed those aspects of the culture of departure that had forced them to leave. 

Each week we are happy to provide a number of activites that are geared towards adult education. On Tuesday nights, we participate in SOUNDINGS, a weekly forum where a member or friend of our congregation presents something of interest that has to do with the intersection of faith and our daily lives. Past SOUNDINGS have included presentations on Faith and Politics, an evening with the poetry of Emily Dickenson, a history of the Anglican Church and an evening of Poetry in the Old Testament. For more information about SOUNDINGS, please refer to the calendar. It begins at 7 pm and ends by 9 pm - hope to see you there!

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