Special services


Baptism by Claus Rainer Michalek

At Christ Church the baptism of infants and children takes place during the Sunday morning service as the children are received into the Church, the Body of Christ. In the baptism service the parents, with the help and support of the godparents, make a decision to start their child on the journey of Christian faith under God’s care. During the service the local church welcomes the child and prays for the family.

Parents might prefer to celebrate the gift of a child without taking on the commitments that come with baptism. A Thanksgiving Service for the birth of a child is an option. No promises are made. The child is blessed and prayed for, while friends and family promise to support the parents in the upbringing of the child. It can take place during the church service or elsewhere, such as at home or even in the hospital.

Please contact the church office well in advance to coordinate dates. We realise some families need to come from abroad and that takes planning. The chaplain looks forward to hearing from you and would be happy to talk you about the two services as outlined above. Life is a gift in creation and the church wants to give thanks with you for this gift of new life.


Marriage by Robert Reuss

In Austria the legal ceremony is separate from the religious one, therefore the church wedding is a blessing and not an actual legal service. To be married at Christ Church you need to first contract the legal marriage at a registry office. Please be in touch as early as possible prior to the registry wedding for the sake of preparation, which consists of at least three meetings and a rehearsal. There is also the possibility of having the service in German or a mixture of English and German.

It is sometimes possible to have an Anglican priest attend a service at another church in Austria to take the service or assist in the marriage service of another denomination.

There are fees involved with marriage services. Please contact the Church Office to find out what they are. The Chaplain would be happy to discuss your plans with you.


Funerals by Patrick Curran

In Austria it is the custom to have funerals at the cemetery or the crematorium. You need special permission to have the body in a church building for a funeral. It is possible to have a memorial service in the church, even if the actual funeral is held elsewhere. If you would like an Anglican priest to officiate at a funeral please contact the Church Office as soon as you start with the arrangements so that this can be coordinated, especially the date and time.

There are fees involved with funerals. Please contact the Church Office to ask about this.

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