Sunday services

8 AM BCP Holy Communion
Celebrated in a more traditional way (1662 BCP) and with a contemplative feel, this quiet and reverent service is identical to the way Anglicans have been worshiping since 1662 and before. Lasting a little less than an hour, this service is a wonderful way to begin a Sunday.

10 AM Sung Eucharist
Utilizing the Church of England Book of Common Worship, this is a full bodied Anglican service intended to showcase the best of Anglican liturgical and musical tradition. Aided by our able choir (SEE LINK) and world-class organist, each 10 AM service is truly a celebration! Due to the limited number of seats in Christ Church, we encourage people to come early if they want to get seats, but if you’re late, don’t worry—we’re always happy to make room for one more!

6 PM Choral Evensong (1st Sunday of the month except July and August)  The jewel in the crown of the Anglican tradition. A unique blend of prayers from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer combined with best of our Anglican musical tradition.

6 PM Contempory Service of Holy Communion (except July and August)
see The Six O'Clock Service 

All baptised Christians who are admitted to Holy Communion in their own church are welcome to receive it at Christ Church. Anyone presenting themselves at the altar rail during the distribution of Communion with their head bowed will receive a personal blessing.

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